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NEW LOCATION in SLC for Social Dancing on FRIDAYS

1751 Alexander St
SLC, UT 84119

WCS Vibes – Friday Night West Coast Swing
Connection, Self Expression, & Joy

We are committed to offering extraordinary space for West Coast Swing dancing for all to connect and share their passion for one of the greatest partner dances ever created…West Coast Swing!


8:30pm – WCS Beginner Lesson – FREE (included with dance, $8)
8:30pm – WCS Int / Adv Lesson ($12)
9:30pm – 12:00am – WCS Social & Dance ($8)


STILL IN Draper @ Danceology
112 W 13100S Draper UT

WCS 1 – Wednesdays 7pm – Friday Night Dances & Wed Socials included. Extra Bonus: 8pm, Weekly, WCS 1 Personalized Training / Practice Sessions included.

WCS 2 – Wednesdays 8pm (join any time) WCS 1 Class and Wed Night Social included.
*Prerequisite: Complete WCS 1 or 101 Boot-camp and pass assessment during the Personalized Training/Practice Session.

WCS 3 – Wednesdays 7pm – WCS 2 Class and Wed Night Social included.
*Prerequisite: Complete WCS 2 or “Master Your Swing” Boot-camp and pass assessment.

WCS – JT Salt Lake City Swing Teams (Varsity, JV, or Juniors Team) – Wednesdays
*Prerequisite: Pass tryout / assessment.

Juniors Program

Mondays & Fridays – Juniors Class and JT Salt Lake City Swing Team for Juniors (ages 12-18). Call or text Camie for information! 801-449-1055.

See you on the dance floor!!!