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Workshop Weekend with Demetre Souliotes

Demetre is an internationally known, respected, and sought after Champion West Coast Swing Dance Professional with over 20 years of competing, teaching, and performing at the highest level in the world.

Dance found Demetre while he was growing up in Los Angeles, at the ripe old of age of 6. Surrounded by a bursting Hip-Hop, Pop & Lock, and Break scene… he quickly became enthralled by dance and went on to join the Hip-Hop Battle Troupe, MYL (Made You Look).

Demetre’s father introduced him to West Coast Swing at 17. From that day on, WCS has become Demetre’s all encompassing life’s passion, artform, career, and community. He exploded onto the scene taking 1st and 2nd place in almost every contest he entered. Within in 11 months, Demetre had ascended the ranks to the pinnacle of WCS, the Champions Division, and with his ability to continuously grow and adapt, his knowledge of dance, and his prowess and passion he is among a handful of dancers in the world that are currently successfully competing in Champions for over 20 years.  

Demetre has traveled the globe teaching, performing, judging, DJing. He created the first ever West Coast Swing dance and community in China. He has countless achievements in dance, below are just a few that are near and dear to his heart:

California Swing Dance Hall-of-Fame Nominee

Founding Member & Current Committee Member of the: Rising Star Tour

Founder & President of SoCal Westy

Co-Event Director of The After Party – A West Coast Swing Experience

Voted in as a Champion of Champions 5 times

Rising Star Tour & Junior Division: Coach & Choreographer

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We are committed to offering extraordinary space for West Coast Swing dancing for all to connect and share their passion for one of the greatest partner dances ever created…West Coast Swing!

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See you on the dance floor!!!




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